A Professional Accounting Corporation


C & S Corporations
Limited Liability Companies
Non Profit Organizations
Electronic Filing


We represent you for:
  Internal Revenue Service Income Tax Audits
  Internal Revenue Service Compliance Audits (regarding 1099 issues)
  State and Parish Sales Tax Audits
 Retirement Planning

Retirement Plans
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 Payroll Processing

Print Your Payroll Checks
Payroll Deposits
Payroll Reports
Tips Processing for Restaurants
Certified Payroll for Construction Companies
Direct Deposit of Payroll Checks
Calculation of Vacation and Sick Leave
Compute Payroll Deductions for You to Write Checks
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 New Business Application

Federal Identification Number
State and Parish Sales Tax
State Withholding
State Unemployment
Occupational License
Beer and Liquor Licenses
Food Stamps and WIC Applications
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 Monthly & Quarterly Bookkeeping

Key Checks into Computer
Reconcile Bank Statements
Preparation of Sales Tax Reports
Preparation of Payroll Tax Deposits
Balance Sheet
Profit and Loss Statements
Quarterly and Yearly Payroll Tax Reports
Prepare W-2s and 1099s at Year End
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 Lender's Advisory Service

Loan Applications
Projections & Forecasts
SBA Applications
Business Financial Statements
Personal Financial Statements
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 Formation of Business Entities

Consultation in Choosing the Proper Entity
Formation of C and S Corporations and Limited Liability Companies
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 Forestry & Farming

Farm Facts: Our Record Keeping System for Farmers
Consultation in Regards to Special Tax Issues for Farmers
Tax Preparation
Payroll Processing and Report Preparation
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 Financial Services

Estate Planning
College Planning
Financial Strategies
Wealth Management
Wealth Accumulation Strategy
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Percentage of Completion Financial Statements for Bonding Companies
Set Up Accounting Records for Job Costing
Preparation of Job Cost Records
Tax Preparation
Financial Statement for Contractor's License
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 Bill Paying Service

Maintain Accounts Payable and Computerized Bill Paying

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 Bankruptcy Reporting

Process Detailed Accounting Records
Prepare Accounting Packet for Bankruptcy Court
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 Audits, Reviews, & Compilations

Governmental Agencies
NonProfit Organizations
Personal Financial Statements