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Our CPA firm's accounting professionals keep up with the latest accounting pronouncement and laws. Many businesses come to us needing audited financial statements. Often these are required as part of a loan application or as a condition of doing business with a city, parish, or county. We also audit government agencies as required by state law. 

Another common need for an audit is a small business loan. Getting a loan these days is tough enough, but many banks require a third party CPA firm, such as Anthony B. Baglio, CPA, to review your books and provide audited financial statements to verify the accuracy of the company’s financial position. We take pride in knowing and understanding the intricacies of today’s business structures, as well as how these relate to high net-worth individuals and businesses.

Our firm works with a wide array of businesses, including technology firms, legal services, construction, government agencies, and even non-profits, offering them a high quality of accounting, tax services, and financial statement preparation.


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