Efficient Payroll Processes

Automated, Worry-Free Payroll

Our payroll services, for big or small businesses, provide a worry-free way for you to ensure that your employees are being properly paid and that your payroll reports and obligations to the various taxing agencies are satisfied. We provide easy-to-read reports so you can track tax payments, employee accruals, new hire reports and more.

More Employees Equals More Work

Once a business grows and acquires more employees, payroll becomes more difficult, takes more time, and provides new challenges. Errors and late tax payments are more likely to happen with larger numbers of employees to manage. Sure, software can help with payroll, but it still requires skill in working with the various softwares as well as a knowledge of various taxing agencies and laws to accurately report payroll.

Payroll the Easy Way

Anthony B. Baglio, CPA can handle any size payroll for you while making it less of a burden. We use only the best industry software and trained professionals that ensure accurate, efficient payroll services. We strive to be a true partner with our clients and take pride in providing more time from busy business owners, allowing them to focus on what it is they do. And when our clients’ businesses prosper, it’s good for us all.


Payroll Services

  • ✓ Payroll processed according to your needs and schedule
  • ✓ Prepare and produce all payroll checks and/or direct deposits
  • ✓ Handle all garnishment deductions and payments
  • ✓ Benefit deduction and payments
  • ✓ Track employee accruals
  • ✓ Preparation of payroll reports
  • ✓ New hire reporting
  • ✓ State and Federal Tax payments
  • ✓ Year End W-2’s and 1099’s

Committed to you

Our years of experience ensure that you are in good hands.
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